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 Ethiopian and Habesha drama are known by its very special category, that is it depends always on the real life and true history of human life. Mostly, it doesn't play on the very outstanding like Hollywood and western movies and dramas such as, Horror, Adventure. This movie is called Meleket it is about three big families and the play is from the one family the mother is a psychiatrist and the father is a lawyer who works hard. The psychiatrist is helping a beautiful house servant to get her baby back from the place she worked. the house servant was working in a rich successful married couple. the problem is this married family couldn't have a child and they ask the servant to have the husband baby by sergeant. after she had the baby they give her some money and they kick her out of the house and warn her to never come back to the house. on the other end the psychiatrist has a sister who has a bar and she wanted to destroy her own family because they never been with her when she needed them.
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