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Ethiopian Music

Ethiopia music has different categories such as: tezeta, hiphop, slow, country, rap and so much more. The type is suitabe only for Ethiopians and Eritreans. Sometimes in south Africa and sudan the Ethiopian music is popular. The artists and musicans are not that known world wide, but in  Africa they are among the stars of the hip hop and countryside musics. Ethiopian music has a listener of a proximately to 100 million. The music industry is is poor and developing relatively to other African countries like Senegale and Egypt. Listen all the music in here hahulelu.com we have the music of The very known artists. Teddy afro, Aster Aweke, moahammod ahmed, Rahel haile, Abreham g. Annd so much more.

The music is un many different languages and mixed of the languages in one song.