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Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men

The relationship between men and women has always been a kind of love-hate. This article will describe what a woman is the most boring in his partner. Although this is a highly debated topic, we know for sure that no woman likes a man who is weak or shows too much interest in his departure. Similarly, there are many ways that psychologists have tried to analyze.

Women are not lacking in their lists of annoying habits that men have. What women find annoying about men is invaluable, not only because they are habits that you do not realize you’re doing, but also because it gives you an opportunity to break habits and improve your relationship with females.

women hate men

Sex Starved Men

Men are generally more sexually charged. But when it comes to choosing a partner, women do not opt for a voracious sexual partner. This may be because, for such men, sex is the top priority in the relationship whereas the woman continuously seeks love and romance without physical intimacy.

Too Dominant Men

Most women want men to protect them and make them feel safe – but they do not want a dictator who tells them where to go, when to go, who to talk to or what to wear. Dating a guy with a control character can be pretty scary for women and will run from you very quickly.

Strange Arguments

The image of myself as a rabid dog when I’m trying to reason with my other half does not help me to calm down. If anything, it makes me even more offended. If we are to discuss with you, the last thing you need to do is to tell us that we are “barking”. Instead, try to validate our feelings, saying: “You are angry,” or “you are too upset.” We get it. We really. And we could tone it down because we appreciate the fact that you understand that our overreaction is human.

Not being Romantic

Women want true romance with the feeling of being emotionally connected to their men. Your girlfriend will easily become angry and do not even want to be touched by you once she feels that you do not come around to sex.

Wet Towels

Is it ever realize that he was on the mat after a shower then the bathroom would not be permanently pockmarked with puddles? But these provide useful watering holes for the towels to marinate in when he did not hang back on the rail. In fact, it is not fair, it does not always leave the towels on the floor, sometimes he leaves them on the bed. Or after swimming, to mold and fester in the plastic bag he used to carry his kit in.


Absolutely despise women catch their men ogle other women. Ogle women as visually admiring the opposite sex, as well as their male counterparts, except that they usually do with a greater level of subtlety. You might not be able to help, but you can at least be more discreet about it. There are several levels of irritation she feels when she catches you ogling: she gets angry, threatened, embarrassed, and it is probably also irritated by the fact that you can not do it well enough that she did not notice.

Bad Mouth

Women want men who know how to behave with a woman. They hate men who abuse women or use foul language. A man who knows what and how to talk to a woman will be sought.


Women absolutely hate predictable guys who never want to do anything differently. They are attracted to men who are unpredictable spontaneous, wild and fruitful relationship with other women.


Women absolutely hate if you forget it. Even if they can forgive you for the occasional detail, collecting forgotten or memo, they are generally not so forgiving when you make a habit of forgetting something or important to them, as a favor, dinner plans, or worse, birthday. Unfortunately, it happens and it is usually translated as a partner really angry. It was an accident and you do not mean forgetting, but in doing so you made them feel insignificant and undervalued overall disappointed.

Talk About Your Ex

You think maybe the odd comment in your high school sweetheart here and there is harmless, but it annoys and offends, your current partner. Speaking of the former is a “no go” zone. Never do. Ever. Mentioning your ex is a lose-lose situation. Focus on keeping your current partner happy – insofar as it is concerned, your sex life before it was nonexistent. If an old girlfriend who happens to come into the conversation, as few details as possible and avoid casting a review about it or your relationship with her.

The relationship of a woman with a man is very delicate and it looks like a strong shoulder to rest his head. A woman loves a man who always has a big heart and willing to share and care. A selfish man is rarely loved by women and most often will be the envy of female companionship. You are yourself to failure, if you show an excessive interest in other women when you are with a woman. It is a behavior that women do not like and will definitely turn it off. The manipulative attitude is something that women do not like a man. Therefore, try to be as open as possible in your behavior and at the same time not be the prey if it displays a manipulative behavior. Given these points in mind, you can win more than one wife. Remember that love blossoms slowly and you need to give your wife time and space, if you really want to win. We tried to explore some things that make a woman bored with a man. There may be many more, and therefore it is always advisable that you always yourself when you’re on your departure dates.

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