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  • Ethiopia opens state-of-the-art ICT village

    Ethiopia opens state-of-the-art ICT village

    The ICT village aimed to provide impetus for the development of ICT by offering a world class business environment and state-of the-art infrastructure inaugurated on June 7th, 2015.

    The village, in which its first phase of construction has completed, lies in the Bole Lemi industrial area, in the eastern outskirts of Addis Ababa.

    The village’s main functional zones include business, assembly and warehouse, commercial, administrative and knowledge park zones

    Twenty companies, of which five are foreign-based, have so far applied to settle in the village that consumed two billion Birr.

    The Ethiopian government has realized the potential of IT industry and has taken the initiative to establish EthioICT-Village to strengthening the local ICT industry and business sector in Ethiopia through attracting direct foreign investment, stimulating growth of the domestic ICT industry, creating an enabling environment for private sector initiatives, and promoting exports of ICT products and services.

    Minister for Communication and IT,Dr.  Debretsion Gebremichael said the construction of the village displays that the nation has developed the capacity to benefit from ICT.

    The Minister said the village is part of the efforts being exerted to provide IT based services.

    The village is aimed at creating favorable environment for companies and bringing them together to one place thereby create more jobs. 

    By establishing the village, Ethiopia aspires to become the premier IT hub in Africa.

    The village is expected to provide impetus for the development of ICT by offering a world class business environment, state-of the-art infrastructure and a value proposition geared towards positioning Ethiopia as the preferred IT hub of Africa.

    Source: ENA and ethioictvillage.gov.et

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  • Ethiopian Man Has successfully built an Aircraft

    His name is Asmelash Zeferu. He is 35 years old and lives around 'sendafa'. He started building the Aircraft from Aluminum, hard wooden and light metallic materials; one and seven months ago on December 09, 2014 and named his aircraft "SENDAFA K-516MA AIRCRAFT". He said the Aircraft can fly up to 182 Km long and 3000 feet height. The Aircraft will be tested on June 11, 2015.

    Materials Used: wooden propeller for sendafa aircraft.it is light weight, laminated,smooth,hard that is capable of absorbing engines mechanical impulse and blade vibration,and estimated cost of 49USD!!!!

    Source: Asmelash Zeferu facebook page and Zami 90.7 FM

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  • Ethiopia building station to launch rocket

    Ethiopia is building a station at the northern part of the country to launch rockets up to 30km distance in to the space, project manager Eng. Mulualem HileMarian said.

    According to him, construction of a station, Alpha Meles named after the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, is being built at the Tigray regional state.

    Constructions of two underground stations, in which preparation activities and testing will be carried out are also being built.  

    Testing for the system and capacity of the rocket to be launched will finalized in these underground stations until the end of the month of July, he added.

    Sixty engineers drawn from various fields are working day and night for the success of the project.

    Parts of the station are fabricated locally by Mesfin Industrial Engineering and Mesebo Cement, local private companies and the Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), the stated owned military industry.

    Source: ENA

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  • Ethiopia Space Science Society Completes Research Stations

    The Ethiopian Space Science Society disclosed that two of its research stations are finalized.

    Society Manager Amare Babu told ENA that the space research stations built on top of Abune Yoseph Mountain at Lalibela would be tested for suitability to research soon. Around 10 million birr was spent for the first phase of the project, he said, adding that testing would be carried out for two consecutive years.

    If they prove effective, Ethiopia will have good standing in space science internationally, the manager stated.

    In the second phase of the project, international space research stations would be constructed on the mountain chains nearby, according to Amare.

    The research stations, even if they fail to pass the test, could serve Mekele, Adigrat, Woldia, Bahir Dar and other Universities as geological, astronomical and ecotourism research centers, it was indicated.

    Entoto Space Science Observatory Research Center Director, Dr. Solomon Belay, disclosed on his part that Entoto center has been open for teaching and research.

    The center has admitted about 30 second and third degree space science students, and it has been collaborating with Russia Space Agency, Finland, South Africa and NASA of the USA, it was pointed out.


    Source: EBC

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