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9 Things To Say Instead Of ‘I Love You’ To Your Partner!

After a considerable time in a relationship, the usage of ‘I Love You’ becomes mechanical in nature and is repeated numerous times in a day- ending a phone conversation, going to bed, waking up in the morning, and so on. Here we enlist some replacements to these words, in order to give a new edge to your relationship.

1. You are so effing hot.

The swear word conveys your intensity of affection towards the other person’s attraction.

2. I’m more in love with you today than I was yesterday.

The time that you took out to analyze that your love actually grew in the past 24 hours, is the catch here.

3. You just made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants.

Laughter is the best medicine, and it doesn’t age. You can remind your partner often that he/she makes you laugh and thereby makes you happy.

4. I love your body.

Does your partner know that their body still rings a bell in you? If no, tell them now!

5. I hate everybody today, but you — you I can stand

The best you can expect after your marriage is a person you can stand, day in and day out.

6. I love watching you run/give a speech/play an instrument/take a photograph

Admiring your partner from a distance would increase the erotic distance between you, and remind of the fresh times of your love.

7. I love it when we talk, and I love it when we don’t

Appreciating not even the conversations between the two of you, but also the healthy silence, is a must to keep the charm alive.

8. You look even better now than when I met you

Notice something in your partner that has become better over the years, and defied the norms of ageing. Compliment them on that, and refresh your chemistry with them.

9. I fu**ing love you

This one phrase shows the vigorous nature of your love and passion towards your partner.

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